Modern agricultural machinery

Composition of hydraulic system and its application value in modern agricultural machinery

1. The composition and characteristics of the hydraulic system

The hydraulic system mainly includes five parts: power, control, execution, hydraulic oil and other auxiliary components. The hydraulic system performs power transmission for specific functions by changing the pressure of hydraulic oil. Generally speaking, the hydraulic system is mainly composed of transmission system and control system. Among them, the transmission system transmits the power required for system operation to the execution part, while the control system detects the pressure of the hydraulic oil part in real time and adjusts it according to the actual situation so that the whole system meets certain requirements. The hydraulic system is characterized by flexible operation, and at the same time it can transmit strong power. The system is very easy to operate and control, and the operating speed is also very fast.

2. Application value in modern agricultural machinery

Hydraulic technology has extremely high application value in modern agricultural machinery. On the one hand, it can improve the work efficiency of agricultural operations and reduce the cost of consumption. The application of hydraulic technology can not only simplify the industrial structure of agricultural mechanization, effectively control the cost of agricultural mechanization production consumption, but also reduce the labor intensity of operators in traditional agricultural operations. On the other hand, the application of hydraulic technology in modern agricultural machinery can effectively improve the operational performance of agricultural machinery. For example, the introduction of hydraulic technology into tractor agricultural machinery can effectively improve the overall operational performance of tractors in agricultural operations and reduce work failures.

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