DSG-02-3C2-A220 solenoid operated directional valve
1. Solenoid directional valve 2. Subplate mounting 3. DSG02: NG6
Proximity sensor
Product SKU: LS
High pressure cylinder rear cover hydraulic station spool hydraulic press components
Item: High pressure cylinder rear coverSpecification: Complete sets, customizable as per your requestMaterial: 45#/40Cr/42CrMoFeature: Anti-rust and c···
Standard hydraulic joints welded joints transition joints crimp joints hydraulic accessories
The product is made of selected stainless steel materials and has good corrosion resistance.Anti-oxidation, heat resistance, high strengthThe thread p···
Heavy-duty hydraulic cylinder HOB63X80X100X125 HG2 tie-rod magnetic hydraulic cylinder accessories
Bore diameter 40 - piston rod 25 - thrust 1.8 tonsBore diameter 50 - piston rod 30 - thrust 2.7 tonsBore diameter 63 - piston rod 35 - thrust 4.4 tons···