Cartridge valves

VIS embedded hydraulic one-way valve micro-threaded cartridge valve hydraulic control CVB0 built-in plug-in one-way valve
A screw-in, direct acting, ball type in-line check valve Main use is as a blocking or load-holding device The CVB0 allows flow passage from port 1 to ···
Solenoid valve SV10-28 two-way cut-off solenoid cartridge valve
Material Plug-in: Weight 0.16kg (0.35 pounds),steel with hardened working surfaces,galvanized outside,nitrile O-rings and polyurethane back-up rings (···
CKEB-XCN hydraulic control check valve high performance hydraulic screw-in cartridge valve
1. Max working pressure=350 bar 2. Max internal leakage=0.07cc/min 3. CKBB, CKBD only provide type C&E springs
High flow cartridge valve pilot relief valve CVR-093 threaded cartridge
1. Vented type, pilot operated 2. Flow rating: Max 100L/min 3. Max pressure: 315 bar 4. Cartridge only weight: K-0.29kg, L-0.25kg
Hydraulic control check valve DAPC08-30 high performance hydraulic screw-in cartridge valve
1. Durable, low leakage 2. Optional sealed piston 3. Optional pressure range 4. Compact size