Proximity sensor

Proximity sensors are widely used in aerospace technology and industrial production. In daily life, such as automatic doors of hotels, restaurants, garages, and automatic hot air fans all use the sensors. In terms of security and anti-theft, important places such as data files, accounting, finance, museums and vaults are usually equipped with anti-theft devices composed of various proximity sensors. In control technology, such as the measurement and control of displacement, speed and acceleration, a large number of proximity sensors are also used.



Precautions for selection

In general industrial production sites, eddy current proximity switches and capacitive proximity switches are usually used. Because these two kinds of proximity switches have lower requirements on the environment. When the measured object is a conductive object or an object that can be fixed on a metal object, the eddy current proximity switch is generally used because of its high response frequency, good anti-environmental interference performance, wide application range, and low price. If the measured object is non-metal (or metal), liquid level height, powder height, plastic, tobacco, etc., a capacitive proximity switch should be used. The response frequency of this switch is low, but the stability is good. The influence of environmental factors should be considered during installation. In places with good environmental conditions and no dust pollution, photoelectric proximity switches can be used.



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