Construction projects are characterized by complex construction techniques, high costs and high risks. It has shortcomings such as excessive energy consumption, environmental pollution, and shutdowns caused by mechanical quality problems in actual use, making the application of construction machinery unable to achieve the desired effect. The emerging hydraulic control technology has a great breakthrough. Applying it to construction machinery makes the switching between manual operation and electric operation in mechanical equipment smoother. At the same time, the operating power of the construction machinery is also improved, which greatly improves the quality and work efficiency of the construction machinery.



Application of Hydraulic Control Technology in Construction Machinery

1. Automation control

With the rise of hydraulic control technology, this technology is applied to the automation system of construction machinery, which realizes the reformulation of electronic control goals and significantly improves the automation degree of construction machinery.

2. Engine

The application of hydraulic control technology to construction machinery engines improves the power of the engines on the one hand, and promotes the energy-saving and environmental protection of construction machinery on the other hand, reducing energy costs and negative impacts on the environment. Double-pump hydraulic control technology is a technology commonly used in construction machinery engines at this stage.

3. Pilot control technology

In recent years, electronic technology has developed rapidly and has been gradually applied to the hydraulic pilot control system of construction machinery. In particular, the mature development of electric control rod products has well solved the disadvantages of the traditional pilot control method that is completely operated manually. The operation and control of multi-components and multi-way valves can be easily realized by using the electric control lever. The driving of the solenoid valve only needs to perform relevant operations on the electric control lever to generate corresponding electrical control signals. This further improves the flexibility, accuracy and simplicity of the hydraulic pilot control system, making the operation of construction machinery more smooth and safe.



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