According to the working principle of hydraulic transmission technology, in a good closed container, under the action of the working medium pressure oil, different energies and powers can be converted and transmitted. Under pressure, the direction of the force can be directed to different positions. Utilizing the characteristics of Pascal's principle, it can realize the process of lifting objects with great mass easily.



Application of hydraulic transmission system in mechanical drive

1. Pure hydraulic transmission

Under the influence of motion and power parameters, the control precision of hydraulic transmission technology changes. Due to the influence of these two controls, it is possible to take advantage of low-speed loads and compare traditional mechanical transmission technology with hydraulic transmission technology. The latter enables industrial development to enter an automated production mode and has been used as a preferred transmission technology.

2. Compound Transmission Technology

During continuous operation, the information generated by electricity is collected, and the collected information is used by the actuator to control the hydraulic pressure. After a series of operational changes, its transmission control system has become a closed environment.

3. Application examples of hydraulic transmission technology

Flood gates and embankments, Turbine governors in power plants, bridge maneuvering mechanism, Aircraft landing gear retractable device, Deck Lifting Appliance, Plastics processing machinery and machine tools, Artillery controls, stern thruster, construction machinery and construction machinery





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