Along with the strengthening on development and usage of sea resources, marine equipments of different purposes are in urgent demand. Due to the inherent large power-to-weight ratio of the hydraulic system, the advantages of easy linear and rotary motion, compact structure and small size, it will and has played an important role in marine development equipment. At present, it has been successfully applied in ship driving control, submarine cable laying, maritime material transfer, winch drive, under-water robot etc.  


Application of marine hydraulic system

1. Hydraulic jack
Once the vessel in need of repairs in driven above the lifting platform and secured?to it, 60 hydraulic lifters mounted along the length of the platform come into play. They utilize strong anchor chains to lift platforms and ships. When the platform is raised to be level with the bank, it is fixed, and then the ship can be repaired.
The entire lifting process is controlled by a PLC, which can monitor the load situation at any time, such as the change of the center of gravity of the hull, stress distribution, and adjust the load distribution to ensure the safety of the lifting process. The lifting device can also be applied to the installation of offshore oil platforms and floating docks etc.

2. Transfer-at-sea system

Marine package transmission and Navy standard transmission are made for ship replenishment for ocean voyages. The supply ship first throws the cable to the supplied ship, and then the hydraulic winch drives the cable to transfer the supplies.

3. Marine hydraulic winch

In marine geological surveys, sometimes it is necessary to release detectors to the sea bed, which requires a hydraulic winch to release and recover the detectors. The winch adopts proportional speed control, which can reduce the impact on the cable.


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