Hydraulic components are especially suitable for the application of agricultural machinery with variable structures and harsh working conditions due to their advantages of high power, simple installation and arrangement, easy control, convenient and comfortable operation, low failure rate and easy maintenance. For decades, hydraulic technology has not only been used more and more in agricultural machinery, machine tools, engineering machinery, construction machinery, aerospace equipment, etc., but also formed a huge market.



Agricultural Machinery's Demand for Hydraulic Technology

1. Energy saving technology

The application of energy-saving technology can not only optimize the performance of the main engine, but also reduce the pollution to the environment. Moreover, every one percentage point reduction in energy consumption means saving 4.5 million kilowatts of power. Its huge social and economic benefits have attracted many scientific and technological personnel to invest a lot of energy and intelligence, and have achieved many results and progress.

2. Requirements for hydrostatic drive technology

The hydrostatic driving device can be continuously variable, easy to layout, large specific power, wide speed range, and good low-speed stability, especially suitable for agricultural machinery and road machinery with diverse structures and low speeds.

3. No Leak Technology

At present, the non-leakage technology in hydraulic technology will be widely used, including: the development of new pipe joint components, threaded cartridge valves, combined seals, hydraulic system pollution control technology, etc. The gradual popularization of these common technologies plays an important role in improving the performance of agricultural machinery in our country.






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